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Author, Artist, Explorer of Human-Divine Potential

Hello my beautiful fellow human,


I am Christina Raju: a storyteller and explorer on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

As a writer, artist, and guide, I share insights and tools on my YouTube channel to help others heal and create the life they dream of.


I am currently writing my first English book, a blend of spirituality and fantasy inspired by my two absolute favorites:  "The Alchemist" and "Alice in Wonderland."

With over two decades as an artist, I started in the music industry but shifted my focus to another calling. I believe everyone holds a key within to unlock their potential and shine their inner light on the world.

My life has had many ups and downs. Starting with living alone since the age of 15, I had to assimilate to the real world quickly. Despite all the challenges and pain, I always believed in my creative powers to attract all the dreams I live today. However, life is never stagnant.


Two significant challenges, or Dark Nights of the Soul, one in 2019 that started with a mysterious herniated disc that left my bedridden for 6 months and a massive disruption of my psyché in 2023, led me to profound inner transformations. Through a year-long journey into psychology, philosophy, and holistic living, I found my mission: to share my inner world, my experiences and help others discover their innate story.

Join me in breaking down myths about ego and spirituality, guiding you to embrace your True Self hidden in the shadows.

My life has always been a series of ups and downs. There were times I believed that's just how my natal blueprint is and it will always be like that. Now I know, everyone can change their stars. I was born in 1990 in a small Czech town. I small girl with huge dreams for that era, considering my background. But something inside of me was always a dreamer as though it knew... 



My first soulmate was my great-grandfather. When he suddenly passed in 1996, the unexpected loss completely changed my life. Strange things started happening around me, from rapidly shifting realities to contacts from energies from other realms. It scared me so much, I managed to shut it down.



Despite my great relationship with my mom today, we didn't understand each other well when I was 15 and during one dramatic afternoon, I was forced to move out. I ended up in the capital, Prague, a child pretending to be a grown-up. I entered the first dark stage of my life, attracting the wrong friends, and partying all the time. I made money by writing for other University students.



I knew there was something about the power of spoken word when I manifested my sister to be born on my birthday. From that point, I was fascinated by the elemental magick and I started writing my first grimoire. I wrote down a story about my life that later turned out to be exactly true.




I have been an artist since I was 5, constantly writing poems, short stories, painting, and singing. One of my first big dreams was to become a popular singer. This came true when I collaborated with a friend and our song became no. 1 in the charts for multiple weeks. My singing career kickstarted, but soon I realized I was not willing to accept the dark side of that industry and I ended up depressed, stripped of what I felt was my identity.



I was severely depressed, attracting partners who were either abusive or were cheating on me. I ended up in psychotherapy for a year to put my life back together. This started my self-discovery journey, fascination with the psyché and psychology, and my deep self-analysis from then on.



After I cleaned my programs of self-love and broke the ties, I started living a pretty happy phase in my life, working with the Holy Mother Archetype to reopen my psychic abilities again. By the end of 2018, I started making good money, I traveled to all the places on my bucket list, but a feeling of strange gloom and emptiness started spreading in my heart.



It was a March morning, a week after I asked Mother Kali to initiate me into a new phase of life. I started seeing visions of snakes, my sense of smell was incredibly strong, and my entire body was buzzing at night. Then it came, I woke up in excruciating pain. The diagnosis was a herniated L4-L5 and I could barely move for the next 6 months. I lost weight and my family had to take care of me. Strangely, my fear diminished quickly because my Higher Self and my guides made themselves extremely known in all I did. My psychic abilities reignited again and a story came into my mind, wanting to be written.




I managed to heal myself without surgery. It was not long after I could finally take a stroll again, I cried at night, feeling so incredibly lonely, ready for a good loyal partner. The same week, my husband and I met. Soon after, I started my Youtube channel aiming at spiritual insights and tools for transformation.



Me and my husband started our travel year, spending each month in a different country. I realized that a big chunk of the manifesting ritual I did as a child came true. Life was exciting, but in the background, I felt that I was not done with my initiation and soon the most deep void ever came.




It literally started in January on a flight to Portugal when I had a strange belly pain. Seeing 33 everywhere, and feeling my broken inner Masculine, I knew it had a lot to do with my Solar Plexus. For the next five months, I lost 10kgs, with no doctor being able to explain why. What was even worse, was the most intense psychological disruption. I was just sitting on the porch, staring into the ocean, when I heard a click, and my ego detached from the Self, leaving me roaming the Underworld for the entire year, experiencing the strongest existential crisis of all time.



Being dragged through so much pain, suppressed fears, and darkness, I knew I could not escape the dark side this time by traveling or pushing it in the background. I invested my entire time in self-analyzing and developing tools to make myself feel better. The biggest pain came when I knew my guides wanted me to do this on my own. There was no divine help, nothing. I felt abandoned, broken, lost. All I could hear was "You asked to become sovereign, this is the quest." And so here I was, focused on becoming my True Self. Soon I found strength I never knew before and it was clear that darkness was just another tool to transmute into my power. The biggest treasure lies under the dragon. My mission was clear, to help everyone reignite their inner power and create the life of their dreams. In the meantime, I developed a system to reconnect with my inner archetypes, studied a lot of occultic philosophies, and changed my entire lifestyle to a holistic approach. I also finished my book.

Are you ready to awaken your potential? 


Hello, lovely souls on this shared adventure! Throughout my journey, I've stumbled upon incredible beings, captivating books, and expressive art that nudged me to explore my depths, understand my potential, or simply savor the beauty of life! Check out a few that have lit up my path, and let's dive into conversations about them!

Besides these people that changed the way I look at life, I enjoy a plethora of all kinds of books (from esoteric teachings to myths and lore) that you can see here:


If I ever watch TV, it is probably a 20s Czech movie, an old Hollywood movie, a French movie such as The Dreamers, old cartoons such as The Silly Symphonies from Disney, Destino from Dalí, historical fictional series such as The Medici, or an absolute masterpiece Westworld. I can watch Matrix probably a thousand times just to kick in the good old feeling of the very first time I started thinking about the world as a web of energy.


Poetry & Quotes

"Your darkness is like a well. Throw anything down, it will echo. 

So tell it you love it, and let the choir sing how lovable you are."

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Let's Work Together

If you resonate with my calling and are interested in working with me 1:1, delving deep into your Human-Divine potential, and creating your dream life, send me a message.

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